To all stations with any kind of problem with Getty realty or the distributers of gas such as: envirmental, gas pricing, gas deliveries , repairs ,lack of support ,rent to high ,commission not enough to pay bills .We ask that you E-mail us  Send contact info: person to contact/ station ID#/  plus Phone # & your E mail  

 If your dealer info has changed  , please email the information below to

old station id# and name , new id# and name, name of business , name of owner , address , phone # ,fax #, cell phone # , email address  (very importent), new gas distrbuter.

All commission dealers (of any gas) in the USA:

1.Are you getting a flat set commission per Gallon, how much?

2.Does commission  cover your  direct labor related to gas sales ? what will it cover when minimum wage goes up?

3.Does commission cover your rent or % portion of your rent , how much?

4.Does commission cover utilities related to gas sales what % is covered ?

5.What you be interested in joining our national effort for fair commissions to gas dealers?

6.Please email answers with your information : name , business name , address , email, phone # , cell phone # , gas brand , gas distributer.